A downloadable game for Windows


Saucer Sumo is a 2 player local multiplayer game, where the goal is to knock the other player off the map by flying your ship into their ship.


2 players on the same keyboard.


Player1: W A S D to rotate, space to boost forward.

Player2: Arrow keys to rotate, right ctrl to boost forward.

Install instructions

Un-zip the files and run Build.exe.


Build.zip 28 MB


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Hello, I am just sending a message to all the people who have submitted a game for this game development challenge.  As a YouTuber and game developer I was asked to judge your entry and I understand how much fun and stressful developing a game can be especially if you are relatively new to it.  I will be going through all these games and will leave feedback on my experience.  I wish you luck in your entry and hope to have lots of fun :)